Overheard at my dinner table five minutes ago:

Dillon:  Whose house do you think is more disorganized?  Mine? Or yours?

Reiley: (his best friend…  Thinking for a minute.) Mine.

Dillon: That’s impressive.

Me: Jerk!

Reiley: Are you talking to Dillon or Copernicus?

Me: Dillon.  I work really hard to make our lives this organized.

Dillon: Ah. Okay.  (Pause)  …So whose room do you think is less organized? Mine? Or yours?

(And the conversation goes on…)


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  1. Reiley's Mom says:

    Ha! The last time D was in our car I was singing and dancing ~ enthusiastically to a classic 90’s hip hop tune… a total radio treat, anyway, R was a laughing a bit uncomfortably, he is used to me letting loose when it is just us, he hadn’t seen the full show infront of a guest before (couldn’t help myslef). OK, so here goes:
    R: Mom you are really into this
    Mom: I know, I love this song. Lighten up~I like fun & I am fun
    D: I am not sure about fun but R your mom certainly is interesting
    Mom: (still dancing) Have mercy babe I hope you don’t mind let me clear my throat…

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