Finished Woody and Jessie!


Just realized I hadn’t posted the final Woody and Jessie costumes.  So here are two pictures from our trip to Disney World – one where the kids got to meet Woody and Jessie, another of them in their costumes with one of their buddies, who went as the Prospector (a.k.a.  Stinky Pete).  I can’t take credit for his costume, though, his grandma put that one together.


There was a lot of good stuff that happened when kids met characters at Disney.  The interactions were way less cheesy and way more interesting and meaningful for the kids than I would have thought.  For example, this picture happened AFTER Woody realized that Dillon had a Star Wars shirt on and then proceeded to have a lightsaber battle with D.


One of the best memories of Disney is going to be the kids in their Woody and Jessie costumes, dancing with the characters at Woody’s Roundup during the big Halloween party.  It was SO much fun.  The DJ was surprisingly awesome.  And I swear, at one point, the dude in the Woody costume was trying to copy Dillon’s sweet dance moves.  Rose serenaded everyone with a rendition of “Call Me Maybe.”  And the kids left the Trick or Treat with pounds of candy after we found the secret path with all of the castmembers unloading all the candy at 11:15pm when we were leaving the park…

We had so much fun on the trip.  I think we are all going to look back fondly on it for pretty much ever.

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  1. In looking back at our “Toy Story” night, I see that it was more than just dinner and movie for us- it was time to spend together sharing some laughs, and it showed me just how fast my kids are growing up. In the week after this movie night, my husband and I made a decision; our goal is to plan two Disney related “Dinner and a Movie” nights each month for the next year. At the end of that year, if we are financially able, we are hoping to take the kids on a surprise trip to Disney World. We have realized that this family time together is precious, and we are hoping to take advantage of every second.

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