Rose’s song


Rose told me this morning at the breakfast table, “I was making a song about my life and one part was ‘when I was nine I got my ears pierced on January 21.’  And then I wanted to write a part about the Christmas puppy and how we got Ada on November 27.  Didn’t we have a party Wednesday night?”

“This Wednesday night?” I asked, confused.

“No.  The day before Thanksgiving.  The day you brought Ada home and then went to work and Dillon and I got to play with the new puppy.”

“Oh, that party!  The Flaming Archbishop.  Yes, we always go to a party the night before Thanksgiving,” I said.  “So what else is in the song of your life?”

“The popcorn party when I was three.  Also that I did racks and tubes when I was 7, 8, and 9.  That was so fun.  And the chalkboard.  I never got a lesson from Ms. Diana about the tone bars though and now I am at a different school and they don’t have tone bars.”

I can’t wait to hear this song.


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