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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was awesome.  The costumes turned out great – I wound up repurposing an old graduation gown to make Dillon’s black robe.  The kids wore their costumes the whole time we were in WWHP, and I think the people who worked there appreciated it, everyone spoke with them (which made Rose slightly uncomfortable – she was cooler with the Disney characters, who just hugged her but didn’t come up and talk with her. At one point she may have felt a little stranger danger when a bookseller totally tried to engage her in a conversation about how she’d be starting Hogwarts, and what position did she play in Quiddich, etc., and she just looked at me like, “Mom, this weird guy is talking to me… is that ok?”)

The kids rode the Flight of the Hippogriff three times, and every time got the front cars of the rollercoaster, which I attribute to the fact that they were basically the only costumed kids at the park (there were maybe four or five others).  We all rode the Forbidden Journey and all the adults thought it was the best ride we have ever been on in life.  You ride three to a car, and I rode with the kids, while Charles, Anna, and Kate rode together.  I am not going to spoil the ride but let me just say that in the picture they snap while you are on the ride, I look like I am having the time of my life, and the kids look pretty freaked out.  It is a really great ride, and we were all disappointed that it broke down before we got to ride it again.  Though incredibly happy that it didn’t break down while we were on it, which happened on several rides at Epcot…

For what it is worth, the rest of Universal Studios was pretty fun too, though they definitely do not do lines and waiting as well as Disney does.  WWHP is small, but fun, and we read some online tips and went there right away when the park opened, did all the stuff we wanted to do, left when it got super busy, came back for a late lunch at the Three Broomsticks, and then again later on when the park started clearing out to ride the rides again.  So we maximized our enjoyment!

Disappointed by the Internet


Dillon is invited to a Harry Potter-themed birthday where attendees are to dress as their favorite HP character, and despite my entreaties, wants to go as Harry himself. I thought it would be fun to pick someone a little more unknown/less likely to be represented – Cedric Diggory or Oliver Wood or someone – but no, we’re into Harry. But Dillon decided, and it is going to be Harry in Quidditch robes.

No problem, I thought.  I can totally make those.  I love, love, love to make costumes.  To the point where I’ve volunteered with local nonprofit theater companies and my old high school to help out with their productions (pre-grad school, of course).  But it is REALLY off-season for costumes, so when I went to my local fabric store  – of which there are not many in Milwaukee, these days – the patterns are really lacking.   And there is a Lord of the Rings cape that I can probably modify sufficiently, but I am pretty sure I have the pattern already and so I come home empty-handed.  (Noting that it will likely cost me at least $40 for the fabric when I could get the made-in-China version on Amazon for $25.)

And then I think – really, there has to be a pattern online for this.  Harry Potter merch and craft stuff is EVERYWHERE online.  But while I see someone who will make you a custom Quidditch cape for $140, I can’t find any great ideas.  I am kind of bummed out.  Really, I could probably fake it, but the hardest part is knowing how much fabric to buy.  Too much and I spend more than I need (and add to the two giant bins of random extra fabric already in the basement) and too little and it won’t come together correctly.

Now to dig through the bins to see about that old pattern and if there is anything I can do with it.