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Finished Woody and Jessie!


Just realized I hadn’t posted the final Woody and Jessie costumes.  So here are two pictures from our trip to Disney World – one where the kids got to meet Woody and Jessie, another of them in their costumes with one of their buddies, who went as the Prospector (a.k.a.  Stinky Pete).  I can’t take credit for his costume, though, his grandma put that one together.


There was a lot of good stuff that happened when kids met characters at Disney.  The interactions were way less cheesy and way more interesting and meaningful for the kids than I would have thought.  For example, this picture happened AFTER Woody realized that Dillon had a Star Wars shirt on and then proceeded to have a lightsaber battle with D.


One of the best memories of Disney is going to be the kids in their Woody and Jessie costumes, dancing with the characters at Woody’s Roundup during the big Halloween party.  It was SO much fun.  The DJ was surprisingly awesome.  And I swear, at one point, the dude in the Woody costume was trying to copy Dillon’s sweet dance moves.  Rose serenaded everyone with a rendition of “Call Me Maybe.”  And the kids left the Trick or Treat with pounds of candy after we found the secret path with all of the castmembers unloading all the candy at 11:15pm when we were leaving the park…

We had so much fun on the trip.  I think we are all going to look back fondly on it for pretty much ever.

Woody the Cowboy Shirt


So I cheated a little on the shirt. I saw a yellow shirt on the super-super-sale rack at the department store and bought it for $6. It isn’t perfect, but after extensive internet searching I couldn’t find the yellow with red square pattern that he wears in the movies, so this was an easy fix.


I just sewed on extra-large buttons to make it more cartoony and match Woody’s shirt a little better…

Woody Vest (Continued)


I forgot to show you the best part about the Woody the Cowboy vest I made.  The back!


Woody has the pull-cord on his back, and I wanted to make sure to incorporate that into the costumes.  My aunt had a set of wooden rings (the handles of her old laundry hamper), so I painted it white and just sewed the top of the ring onto the back of the vest.

“There’s a snake in my boot!”

Halloween 2012


This year we are going to do a group costume with another family.  We’ll have 11 people total, and wanted to do a kids’ movie theme, so we are going with Toy Story.

Dillon and Rose decided to be Woody and Jessie, so I started out buy getting some cow-patterned fabric, and making Woody’s vest.  I didn’t bother getting a pattern because vests are pretty easy to throw together.  As I often do, I drew out my shapes on a paper grocery bag and used that to cut the fabric.


I also cut a simple white lining for the vest.  It isn’t necessary but it gives the vest a nice weight.  So I sewed the lining to the vest (right sides together) and clipped the curves.


You have to leave the sides of the back open in order to turn it right side out, which is a little funny but it works.  You bring the front panels back through to get everything the right way again.  (Here is the right side, below.)

Then you just sew the sides together and you are good to go!  I need to find a sheriff’s badge, but it is a decent start!