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Late Show


So, I have been working 12+ hour days at work on a project the last couple of days, and have totally missed news, politics, etc. And so today while we were making dinner, Rose and I watched the First Lady’s speech at the DNC. And it was wonderful – I am not going to say anything about it that you haven’t already heard from the last two days of media.

But as I was watching it, I remember picking Rose up from school on the inauguration day four years ago – the kids in four-year-old kindergarten are released at like, 10am., and running home to watch President Obama being sworn in. That was seriously one of the most moving, historical moments I have been witness to.

And it struck me today as we were watching Michelle’s speech, that my daughter really will not ever remember a world where an African-American couldn’t be President of the United States.  And that is so special and wonderful.    Don’t get me wrong, I have major philosophical differences with the President.  But (as you can tell) I still get totally thrilled by this beautiful family that we have in the White House. I know there is a long way to go with race relations in America, but this has got to be a meaningful step we have taken.

President Obama (like Jackie Robinson and so many other groundbreaking individuals) has metaphorically gotten spit on a lot, and in ways that really make me mortified.  But he really has broken some meaningful ground.