Rose: Mom, when are you going to stop being allergic? (She doesn’t say to what, but this has been a recurring theme lately so I know she is thinking about cats.)
Me: Sweetie, I will never stop being allergic to cats, I have been allergic my whole life and you don’t usually grow out of that.
Rose: But what about kittens?
Me: You know those are just little cats, right?
Rose: Yes, but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
Me: Sorry, honey, I am never going to be able to live with a cat or a kitten. Maybe when you are a grown up you can get one.
Rose: But mom, I am going to still live with you. And grandma and grandpa and dad and the dogs.
Me: Ok, well, that sounds lovely.  But I can really never get a cat.
Rose: Oh, ok.  But I don’t want to get a job, I just want to live with you and take care of the dogs.
Me: Well, maybe you can take care of dogs for your job, like be a veterinarian or something.
Rose: Only if I can do it in our house.

I love these bedtime conversations.

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  1. Have Blue says:

    I think I may be somewhat allergic to my cat as well, but I will gladly endure all the sniffles, sneezes, and watery eyes for her continued presence in my life. I was never a cat person (quite the opposite), but this fuzzy gray mobile lap warmer is the sweetest animal I’ve ever known and I’d be an even more hollow shell of a human being than I already am without her.

    You might suggest to Rose that she could volunteer at the Humane Society every so often – I understand that after doing menial stuff like cleaning poop from cages, you get to snorgle all the cute little animals. Not that I’d ever want to do something like that, myself. I’m a manly man, after all. I don’t need to have the company of a furry… OMG, is that a baby bunneh?!?! Lookit his little floppy ears!! Soooo cuuute! Can I hold him? Can I? Please? Please? Just for a minute?

    *cough* *cough*

    Whatever. I’m cool, bro.

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