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On Sunday, Dillon was asked what adult inspires him… [drumroll]
And it wasn’t me. It wasn’t even Charles. So, congratulations, Aunt Jackie! You win from 1,000 miles away.

Ah well. There’s always Rose. 🙂



This post is not for people that live in my house named Charles.

Rose has had a bit of a cough and felt sick this weekend. Charles has been on her about not coughing in our faces or food, keeping her hands off her face (including blowing kisses), and not hugging or kissing anyone. (Ok, he’s a bit of a germ phobic guy.

So tonight at family dinner everyone is full and distracted, and Rose sneaks over, wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me on the cheek. Then she says “Don’t tell Daddy.” I say, “ok.” and then she says, “no, really mom. PROMISE.” So I promised. But even if I get sick it was totally worth it.



I need to rename my blog, because “What’s up with that adoption…” really doesn’t cover what the blog is about these days.

So far my thoughts are narrowed down to:
Caffeine & Crayons

Better ideas gratefully accepted. Please post in comments if you have one.

The Band


D: Mom, I don’t think I want to continue with piano lessons next semester.
Me: Ok, I guess… Were you thinking of changing to a different instrument?
D: [duh, mom…] Drums.
Me: Like, African Drums [the kids see live drummers in their African Dance class every week] or like Micah’s drum set drums?
D: Drum set.
Me: Cool… we’ll have to get Rose to take guitar lessons so we can really get your band going.
D: Actually, mom, I would like to get K [girl he likes] into my band. She is excellent on the piano.
Me: …ok
D: But Rose could be in it too, we can have a piano/drum/guitar combo.