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Rose’s song


Rose told me this morning at the breakfast table, “I was making a song about my life and one part was ‘when I was nine I got my ears pierced on January 21.’  And then I wanted to write a part about the Christmas puppy and how we got Ada on November 27.  Didn’t we have a party Wednesday night?”

“This Wednesday night?” I asked, confused.

“No.  The day before Thanksgiving.  The day you brought Ada home and then went to work and Dillon and I got to play with the new puppy.”

“Oh, that party!  The Flaming Archbishop.  Yes, we always go to a party the night before Thanksgiving,” I said.  “So what else is in the song of your life?”

“The popcorn party when I was three.  Also that I did racks and tubes when I was 7, 8, and 9.  That was so fun.  And the chalkboard.  I never got a lesson from Ms. Diana about the tone bars though and now I am at a different school and they don’t have tone bars.”

I can’t wait to hear this song.




I decided to celebrate Dillon’s recent height achievement (5’0″ at 11 years old) and the fact that I had nothing to do tonight by putting Rose to bed, letting Charles go visit his buddies, and keeping D up past his bedtime to watch the Avengers.

I got the movie for Christmas (the four disk set) from my Dad/Secret Santa and it was the perfect present for me.  As it was literally the only thing on my list and I really, really would have been sad if I hadn’t gotten it.  I saw the movie in the theatre and LOVED it.  And even though Dillon isn’t huge into movies, I knew he would adore it, too.

It was his first super hero movie, but he loves comic books (despite being more into DC than Marvel) and the Avengers really doesn’t disappoint.  He loved it as much as I do, and he was laughing so loud during the “Hulk. Smash.” sequence that I was worried he was going to wake his sister.  But it was a lovely evening, and it really made my week to spend the time with him.  Before bed, Rose made me promise to watch Grease again with her tomorrow morning.  (I fast-forward through the drive-in parts and try to avoid questions about what is happening between Rizzo and Kinickey, though.)  I have to admit, it is really nice that the kids are past Dora the Explorer and Thomas the Tank Engine and into things I enjoy watching with them…

Ninth Birthday


I had a great time with Rose last night.  It was her actual birthday, so we had a special date.  First, I told her the family would go out to eat anywhere she wanted, so of course she chose Qdoba.  My daughter is a girl of simple tastes.  Charles met us there after Dillon’s tap class, and the kids got their plain jane burritos with just black beans, rice, and cheese.  Dillon has been experimenting by adding a little pico de gallo, but even though Rose likes spicy stuff she will not consider trying any salsas on her burritos.

The next thing on our agenda was for Rose and I to go see the Sound of Music.  This is a new family favorite in our house, and the Skylight Music Theatre was putting it on, Charles and I have season tickets but our regular weekend matinee was preempted by Dillon’s lego robotics tournament two weeks ago, and I basically waited until the last possible minute to change the tickets, and couldn’t really get them on the weekend anymore, so I changed them to Rose’s birthday even though the show started at 7:30pm, her regular bedtime.

Unfortunately, we finished our dinner at 6:20, so we basically had an hour and change to kill before the show.  We drove around downtown a bit looking at the Christmas lights, and then I decided we’d park in my paid space and just take a leisurely six-block walk (by way of my office) to the theater.  First, we stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market to get a snack for intermission – Rose was extremely disappointed that the Breadsmith has mostly left the market, but we found a pumpkin muffin at the fancy bakery place that was plain enough for her.  I swear, she is the only kid ever who consistently will pick a piece of bread or a plain muffin over elaborately decorated cupcakes, frosted cookies, cake pops, and beautiful tarts.  But I adore that about her.

Then, we walked to my office, where I took a couple of ibuprofen (the ulterior motive for the stop) and Rose was amazed that we didn’t see anyone in the building.  It was almost 7pm, though, and I told her that the people I work with were all home with their families.  But it is funny to be in the building late at night and not see another soul.  Usually I run into someone in the elevator or lobby or whatever.

So we walked over to the Skylight, and found our seats.  At first, the usher sat us in the wrong place, the worst seats in the house, and I stewed about that for a bit, wondering if all of the seats were sold out and if we could move during intermission.  Because we usually sit up in the balcony but not in the super cheap, obstructed seats…  We are in the second cheapest seats, but man, is there a difference, Rose couldn’t see any part of the stage without leaning over the railing.  But later on (but before the show started) there was a big kerfuffle involving like, three separate groups of people who thought they were all supposed to be sitting in one place, and it turned out that one of the ushers didn’t know how the boxes were numbered, and the main usher asked to see our tickets too and realized we were in the wrong place, so we went back to the center of the balcony where we usually sit and Rose was like, “This is GREAT!!”  No more wishing we were in the orchestra section.

She had a case of the giggles just before the show started, so I was wondering if she was just way too tired to stay out so late, but she settled in right away, and aside from having to remind her that we don’t sing along, even if we really like the songs, there were no regrets about going.  She ate her pumpkin muffin during intermission, I gave her the option of going home at that point but she said, “I want to stay until the end, and then fall asleep in the car on the way home.”   This is a girl who always has a plan.

We really enjoyed the show, and on the long walk back to the car afterward, sang the songs she wanted to sing along with during the show: My Favorite Things and So Long, Farewell.  She managed to stay awake until we got home, but was completely wrecked, she just couldn’t come up with an answer when her dad asked about the show.  Overall, I think it was a pretty great night.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was awesome.  The costumes turned out great – I wound up repurposing an old graduation gown to make Dillon’s black robe.  The kids wore their costumes the whole time we were in WWHP, and I think the people who worked there appreciated it, everyone spoke with them (which made Rose slightly uncomfortable – she was cooler with the Disney characters, who just hugged her but didn’t come up and talk with her. At one point she may have felt a little stranger danger when a bookseller totally tried to engage her in a conversation about how she’d be starting Hogwarts, and what position did she play in Quiddich, etc., and she just looked at me like, “Mom, this weird guy is talking to me… is that ok?”)

The kids rode the Flight of the Hippogriff three times, and every time got the front cars of the rollercoaster, which I attribute to the fact that they were basically the only costumed kids at the park (there were maybe four or five others).  We all rode the Forbidden Journey and all the adults thought it was the best ride we have ever been on in life.  You ride three to a car, and I rode with the kids, while Charles, Anna, and Kate rode together.  I am not going to spoil the ride but let me just say that in the picture they snap while you are on the ride, I look like I am having the time of my life, and the kids look pretty freaked out.  It is a really great ride, and we were all disappointed that it broke down before we got to ride it again.  Though incredibly happy that it didn’t break down while we were on it, which happened on several rides at Epcot…

For what it is worth, the rest of Universal Studios was pretty fun too, though they definitely do not do lines and waiting as well as Disney does.  WWHP is small, but fun, and we read some online tips and went there right away when the park opened, did all the stuff we wanted to do, left when it got super busy, came back for a late lunch at the Three Broomsticks, and then again later on when the park started clearing out to ride the rides again.  So we maximized our enjoyment!