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Dillon Outsmarts His Dad


I know the obvious response: "Not that hard to outsmart Charles…"

But this morning at the breakfast table, I asked everyone what was on their list for the day.

Charles said the first thing on his list was to mow the lawn.

Dillon said he had already accomplished the first thing on his list, which was to get out of bed.

I asked him to bring us up to speed with what the NEXT thing on his list is…

He said to play outside, then play inside.

A lightbulb goes off over Charles' head: "What about cleaning the playroom, where is that on your list?"

D: It's not on my list.

C: Well, I am going to put it on your list.

D: Well, you can't.

C: Um, yes, I can.  I'm the dad.

D: No, my list is in my head so you can't put anything on it.  

He's pretty amazing these days with the logic and whatnot.  And Rose has reached a milestone of pretty much knowing all her colors-  she sometimes has problems recalling the word, but if you give her a multiple-choice situation, she'll get it right every time.

On another note, special day today,  Happy Birthday Kate & Dharma!   We'll be eating a lot of cake this weekend with Birthday Parties every day.   Yay!

The Cymbals Video


I am going to try to upload a music video that Dillon and Rose made for Nic and Beth.  We'll see how this works.

Just a note, all costumes and choreography were totally invented by Dillon.  Not too much prompting from me…

He also came up with the band name, "spelled like the instruments you crash together."



So, anyone that is interested can apparently read about our family's adoption journey on the cover (and presumably on the inside) of MKE this week.  I just got an email from a friend from high school I haven't seen in a few years who saw it, so it must be hot off the presses (I haven't seen it yet, though!  Fingers crossed that I don't look crazy or something…)

Looked online (crazy digital age and all!):

Real Boy


Yesterday after school, Dillon, Rose and I stopped at the neighborhood greenhouse and got a couple of herbs and some strawberry plants to put in the garden.  We spent the whole afternoon in the yard, after we planted our new items I started pulling dandelions (a thankless and neverending task!) and the kids just ran around playing.  Dillon is such a little boy now.  It amazes me every day.  But yesterday it occurred to me even more so as he literally picked up and played with every bug we saw outside.  

"Look!  A big earthworm!" 

"Look!  A rolly-poly bug!"

"Mom!  I found a tiny white worm!"   "A Caterpillar!"  "A green worm!"  "A spider!"  "Ants!"

Each of these were brought to me for my inspection.  All I could think was that my kid was going to get some kind of weird insect-born disease.  But I kept my cool and just appreciated each new specimen.  Eventually a pet worm was found and a suitable habitat created.  Charles suggested a 'don't pick up anything with more than six legs' rule…  I am not sure, though.

On another note, please send good thoughts to two sets of friends traveling overseas this week to pick up their newly adopted children, from Ethiopia and China.  Dillon and Rose will soon have three new little girls to play with!