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Your momma


Dillon: Mom, at school today this guy told a joke that was really inappropriate and it was about you.
Me: [laugh]
Charles: They’re playing the dozens already?
D: No, really, mom, and the thing is, he doesn’t even KNOW you! It wasn’t funny at all, it kind of hurt my feelings. I said, “Nick, you are being annoying” and he said “Like your mom?”
M: [unsuccessfully trying to get it together] Well, you can just ignore him.
C: Yeah, it wasn’t really about your mom. He doesn’t know her. (Aside to me) How do we feel about retaliation?
M: (to Dillon) We just try to say things that aren’t hurtful or mean to people. You probably shouldn’t have called him annoying.
D: Ok. Can I have some more pizza?