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Me: [Walking into my bedroom at 9:30pm and finding Charles passed out and snoring.] Oh, is it Friday night already?

Charles: Molly, the romance isn’t dead. It just stays up too late sometimes. The romance is a little bit of an idiot.

We laugh about this, and then he falls immediately back to sleep. It is funny because it is a pattern in our relationship that he only sort of realizes. He can only stay up until 2 or 3am four days in a row. So that is Monday through Thursday. Then, on Friday, like clockwork, he passes out (usually as early as 8pm). Saturday and Sunday are generally pretty early nights too, and then it is back working all night on the weeknights. We’ll see if the new job he’s starting changes things at all…  Not that I am complaining.  He works hard, and I am sure that is why this new company recruited him – he is very good at what he does.  But I’d kind of like our sleep schedules to match a little bit, one or two days a week at least!