Birthday Week


Rose had a great birthday week.  Today's her birthday proper, but the party was Saturday at the gym at which she takes gymnastics.  She loved the party, and the coaches did a really great job, I'd highly recommend them as a party venue and it may turn into Rose's party tradition.  D's party is easier to host at home since his birthday is in August, and except for this past year, there's always been beautiful weather for an outdoor party.  

Lots of friends came to the party, and Rose really had a wonderful time, even walking on the high balance beam which she's been a little worried about since she fell off a month or so ago.  Nana Joyce made an amazing birthday cake, with little "Bratz Babiez" Gymnasts flipping on a fondant balance beam… 

At school today she got to share a book with her classroom, and I bought croissants for her after-school class at COA.  The teachers appreciated the sugar-free choice, though it was entirely Rose's plan and I can't really take credit.  They are her favorite.  After school we hung out with Anna, who was home since she threw her back out doing gymnastics.  Overall it was a pretty fun day, though it would have been better if I hadn't had to work, and go to a PTO meeting at the kids' school.

To celebrate Rose's birth today makes me think a lot about her birth family and wonder about things I'll never know.  She is a fabulous little girl, and I hope we're doing credit to the people who brought her into the world.   

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