New Orleans


Rose is getting out of the shower and she tells me, “Willa is packing up to go to Mexico!” Willa is her pal at school. She asks me if Mexico is very far away, and I tell her that it depends where you go in Mexico, but Cancun, where Grandpa and Grandma just returned from, isn’t very far at all if you take a plane.

Rose: What about New Orleans?
Me: What about New Orleans?
Rose: Is it very far away if you fly in a plane?
Me: Not very far.
Rose: Can we go after African Dance Class today?
Me: Um… probably not.

This is super-tempting to me, I’ve been trying to figure out a time what we can go visit Luke, Jackie, and Oscar in New Orleans. Rose won’t let me off the hook, as she’s asked me several times a week since Christmas (when they were here) when we would be going. Unfortunately, MPS spring break is different than UWM spring break, and I might be at a conference in Atlanta over MPS spring break anyway, so any trips mean I’ll be pulling the kids out of school for a few days. Doesn’t look like Charles will be able to get off work until August, so I’ll also be going solo.

(For those of you who wonder why I don’t wait until the kids (and my) summer vacation from school, I will just point out that you’ve likely never been to New Orleans in May, when it is approaching excruciatingly hot, and I can’t even imagine what July is like.)

For a minute I looked at the kids having a long weekend next weekend and thought, maybe we could go then. And then I remembered Mardi Gras and realized that was probably not the best idea ever…

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