Serious conversations


Rose goes to gymnastics three times a week for three to four hours per day. So, as much as I miss having her around and as much as the driving is a pain in my neck, it provides D and I with some unique mom & son time. Charles generally stays at work until it is time to pick Rose up at 7:30 or 8:30, and we’ve taken advantage of the one-on-one time by going to the library, quietly doing homework together, or chatting while making and eating dinner.

This evening, D says, “Mom, do you know that some people feel they are here on Earth to accomplish a really important purpose?” And I say that I have heard that before. “I think I am one of those people, mom, I think I am going to solve a big problem sometime.”

I ask him if he’s got any ideas about what specific problem, and he tells me he’s kind of frustrated because he hasn’t discovered the problem yet. I tell him he’s got plenty of time to figure it out.

Then he says, “Not to bring up death, but I dreamed that I am going to die fighting for something really important.” I tell him that as long as he’s 85 or older, that’s fine with me. “I might have to be a soldier though, mom, and I know you won’t like that.”

I tell him that there’s nothing bad about being a soldier except that you have to fight wars and that is pretty dangerous. He tells me, “But if you live, you have lots of honor… Actually, if you die you have honor too, but unfortunately you are dead.” I agree with his statement. “Though, I don’t think I would be the best soldier because I don’t really like to hurt people or look at blood or stuff like that.”

I ask him why he’s thinking about all this stuff. He says, “I don’t know why, mom! These things just pop into my head. Can we play Madagascar carts?”

And we do.

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