Sponsor a child


This is from the adoption agency we’re working with.  They are great people, and if you’re looking for a meaningful way to impact a life (for not a ton of money) it might be something worth looking into.



Child Sponsorship Program
We now have 28 Ethiopian children under sponsorship. Each child in the program is receiving a donation of $300 per year which allows them to continue their education, pay for food, medical care and school uniforms. Most importantly it gives them a chance to be a child. For more information on this program or if you would like to help us reach this year’s goal of bringing 100 children under sponsorship please contact Jeff Wigren at 651-255-2299.

2 Responses to “Sponsor a child”

  1. Cheri says:

    Do you know if this agency works with people in same-sex relationship? Just wondering what their position is.

  2. Charles says:

    Both of the adoption agencies we are working with do. I’m sure the sponsorship folk do, as well.

    With regard to adoption, specifically, some countries may have rules about same sex adoption, but i don’t recall seeing that anywhere.

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