How my daughter was dressed today…


Nancy, my friend that watches Rose during the day, brought Rose to D's school, and we went on from the school to a playdate.  When we get to our friends' house, I take off Rose's coat to discover she is wearing:

1) A flannel 'Dora the Explorer' nightgown

2) Embroidered jeans

3) Patent leather mary janes, which when they are removed, reveal

4)  Neon green socks with a hole in the toe so large I can see three of her toes.

If you haven't guessed, her dad dressed her…   

2 Responses to “How my daughter was dressed today…”

  1. Cheri says:

    I’m pretty I’ve seen Chuck in that same outfit. Except it was Wonder Woman instead of Dora.

  2. mcollins says:

    It’s pretty hard to find men’s size 15 patent leather mary janes, too!

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