Halloween Countdown…


Panicking, trying to get the last bits of the costumes together before the big Variety party tomorrow night. I initially thought Charles and I were going as Alexia and Lord Macon from Soulless (a fabulous series we read this year), but realized no one would ‘get’ it. So I joked to my sister that we were going to be Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, and she said “You HAVE to do it.” So I am working out how to make a cravat for Charles. He found this awesome tutorial, and I’m trying to work my way through.

Then I told my mom, and she asked if people would really get that any more than the other.  But I am going to do QR Code nametags that link to their wikipedia articles, so at least I won’t have to describe it.

This has been probably the most challenging bunch of costumes since we did Darcy and Elizabeth (or possibly since I helped Kate do a Kaylee costume, that was pretty tricky).

But I just want to show off the best buttonhole I ever made (though I’ve done about thirty now on the various costumes this year so it turns out that practice does improve ones’ ability – quick, someone tell parents and music teachers everywhere!):


It turns out I didn’t need to be afraid of doing the buttonholes after all…

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