Tread Lightly


Sometimes, as a parent, you just hear something happening in the other room and you don’t want to mess it up by actively noticing.  It is the Hawthorne Effect of parenting, as soon as you are observed observing the event, it changes it.

I had to risk a quick photo, though, tonight when I told the kids it was reading time and Rose headed into Dillon’s room and cuddled up next to her brother and began to read out loud (you know, like you do when you are a second grade reader).  I think D was initially ignoring her – he can ignore anything when he has a book in his hand – but then he started helping her with the words she got stuck on.

Kids and a Book

So they just hung out and read.  Happily, they ignored me completely when I silently snuck in and took the picture.   Rose just kept reading to her big brother.  And I might have let them stay up a little later than usual because they were being so awesome.

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  1. Charles says:

    A couple of wierdos… liking their siblings…

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