Hanging out with Rose


So, yesterday the kids had a dentist appointment, and while Rose and I were waiting for Dillon, we had a nice chat.

Rose: I can’t wait to be a grown up mommy.
Me: And do you think you’ll have a son or a daughter?
Rose: A girl, and I will name her California.
Me: Nice.
Rose: And a puppy.
Me: And what will your puppy’s name be?
Rose: Rocky.
Me: And where will you live?
Rose: At home, with you and Dillon and the dogs.
Me: That will be fun. And what will you be?
Rose: BE?
Me: Like, you know, what kind of job will you have?
Rose: I don’t know. What do you think?
Me: Well, you could be a doctor. That’s a good job.
Rose: Well, I’d have to be a doctor and a mommy.
Me: Sounds good to me…

3 Responses to “Hanging out with Rose”

  1. Cheri says:

    Apparently Chuck will be living elsewhere.

  2. molly says:

    Some days, that would be okay. Other days I would probably miss him.

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