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So last Friday we were up in Minneapolis and got to visit our International Agency, Children’s Home.  And it was great.  We got to watch a video about the care center our child will come from and find out some answers to questions, etc.  Dillon was pretty into it, too, even after six hours in the car. 

It was really interesting to see the video, and to hear about the center.

Perhaps more on this later, I’ve been working crazy hours over the last two days and don’t have lots of introspection in me today.   But check out this link:


Looks like a really amazing nonprofit that is doing great work in Ethiopia.  Also some interesting statistics about the country.

"Currently, an estimated 2.2 million people are infected with HIV in Ethiopia.<1> Health care is not available for the majority of those who need it with only three doctors for every 100,000 people.<2> To compound the situation, Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with the average income per person at approximately $90 US per year.<3> Even where health care is available, the majority of the population simply can’t afford the luxury of treatment and medication."  – US Doctors for Africa website.


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